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A Man of True Value

An accomplished Author, Pastor, CEO, Board Member, Husband, Brother, Son, Father, Mentor, and Friend, Ramone was first and foremost a God-fearing man. His life was filled with the love for giving knowledge and wisdom to ones who were willing to take it and improve themselves. Having served as one of the original founders of TDI, Harper served this organization as secretary and gave it his all, communicating with the mentees and making sure that they each made their dreams and goals come to fruition. 

Ramone E. Harper Scholarship

We are dedicating a scholarship to commemorate the life and legacy of Ramone Harper. This scholarship will be rewarded to 1 male a semester beginning in the spring of 2021. Along with receiving the scholarship, they will also be apart of our mentorship program. Along with being rewarded the scholarship, the winner will have to participate in at least 10 per semester (TDI or on-campus organizations). Other requirements are listed below: 

  • Exemplifying an innovative mindset by writing a 1 page paper on the topic "What makes you an innovative person?"

  • GPA of 2.7

  • Must go through two rounds of interviews to be considered for scholarship 

This scholarship is still in the works as we are planning an official release date! If there are any questions, please contact for additional information!

The leadership team of Turning Dreams into Realities Inc. consist of 12 individuals who are highly accomplished and skilled professionals in various industries

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