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Excellence & Execution Personified

In the fall of 1993, a group of over ten young men from Talladega, AL and Dallas, TX met as freshman on the campus of Alabama State University (ASU). They started what is now a perpetual friendship with a common ambition to be successful and a desire to use their knowledge, time and monetary gifts to give back through an organization they founded called TallaDallas; now operating as TDI.

Our Vision

To advance human well-being by assisting in developing holistic, well rounded individuals who will become positive contributors to society and will in turn assist in reciprocating that effort for future generations of young men and women.


  • Payout of $75,000 in scholarships by 2023 to males attending Historically Black Colleges & Universities

  • Mentor at least 100 male college students by 2023

  • Create a resource network for college students

  • Increase retention and graduation rates of male scholars. 100% of our mentees will be retained and graduate from college.

Organization Initiatives

  • Scholarship Award Program

  • Mentorship Program

  • Professional Development

  • Public Seminars & Workshops

  • Internship Program

  • Community Service & Outreach Program

  • Business Development Program

  • Entrepreneurship Program

  • Career Camp

TDI Experience

  • Accounting

  • Management

  • Administration

  • Sales

  • Criminal Justice

  • Education

  • Public Relations

  • Music  

  • Human Resources

  • Advertising

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Writing/Journalism

The leadership team of Turning Dreams into Realities Inc. consist of 12 individuals who are highly accomplished and skilled professionals in various industries

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